Taken from one of Raditya Dhika's tweet:

"The more breakups you have, the more you question the universe: is there such thing as "love"?"

When i read that tweet, and i just heard the bad news about his relationship, suddenly i burst to tears. weird huh? Actually, I'm not a big fan of him and Sherina. But, in my opinion, they're such a perfect couple. (no intention at all for gossiping!)

Maintaining a relationship is such a BIG deal. There're too many posibilites that maybe your heart ruins to pieces. geez, suddenly i feel worried and sad. I'm afraid to feel broken hearted for the second time, which left me with a trauma. But, according to my experience, the more you try to avoid love, the sooner it comes to you! well, i guess there's no other way than enjoying what you have now. ;)

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Thanks God 4 today.

the transformation of my stage of life really has consumed a lot of my energy.
i'm not a student anymore who can easily do something spontaneously. whoaa!
i wonder if i can survive through this so-not-me job.
Actually i had a very difficult time to accept the truth that i didn't get the job that i have wanted since i entered my university.

But i believe God will give the BEST way, right?

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Thanks God 4 Today.
Happy Palm Sunday everyone!